"Strategic Planning is a process by which we can envision the future and develop
the necessary procedures and operations to influence and achieve that future."
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Eka is focused on delivering solutions by combining technical and program management expertise with a level of commitment. We provide tactical management consulting, business systems development, technology solutions, training and support services that deliver value and enhance our client’s ability to achieve competitive advantage with better performance management. Our clients benefit from deep experience of our staff and the practical, in-depth knowledge they bring in the education management.

Eka has the skills and expertise to help clients reach its IT goals from project management to database design and administration to application integration. We help our clients by integrating the right mix of technology, consultant skills and industry knowledge with dependability and perseverance. We also provide Systems Integration Services to support our clients with Process Improvement and automation of Mission Support systems.


Eka is dedicated to define, develop and implement solutions for the toughest business challenges to increase productivity by improving processes for today’s needs with future vision. Eka has a vision to support leadership with the use of technology to improve business goals.

Eka is all about creating an environment which allows organizations to achieve excellence through sustainable solutions which believes in outstanding customer service and strong support model