Eka’s Approach to Success: Every company is unique and so their needs. We at Eka take every project with a fresh set of objectives to meet our client’s needs. In the world of constant change, Eka brings focus, diligence, passion and intelligence to deliver solutions that meets your needs.

Companies and school districts alike face challenges today with constant pressure to deliver more with less, organizations are forced to re-look at the existing setup, infrastructure and resources.

Strategic and Operations Planning +

As Clark Crouch said,
"Strategic Planning is a process by which we can envision the future and develop the necessary procedures and operations to influence and achieve that future."

The first step to growth is planning. Eka will work with your organization to develop a practical plan which supports your vision and is attainable and work with your team to share that common understanding.

Procurement Planning and Support +

Next logical step after strategic planning is identifying what is required to put that plan into actions to gain tangible results. Whether it is procuring the right piece of technology which supports the core business areas or getting the right people to do the right job.

Project Management and Implementation Support +

Here is where rubber meets the road! We start working with you to define the scope of the implementation. Defining “success” in eyes of our clients will help attain the focus we need to be successful and every team member will have their “eyes” on the goal.

Managing projects using project plans, identifying and managing risks, communicating with all appropriate parties to gain consensus and implementing what is needed for the business to be successful is what we do to support our clients.

Training and Professional Development +

By developing help desk structure needed to support the project and developing training material in terms of user guides and videos, we provide necessary material for users to feel supported.